Motor sports have been a lifelong passion for the actor, pictured last year watching his team win in Wisconsin
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The actor celebrated his 79th birthday testing cars for the 24-hour Daytona meeting
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Paul Newman defies cancer reports to plan a return to racing

15 JUNE 2008
There's been a lot of concern over his health recently. However, movie icon Paul Newman has only one thing on his mind getting back behind the wheel of his beloved racing cars.

Despite speculation he is fighting cancer, the 83-year-old actor who last week said he was "doing nicely" is still testing cars and even thinking of competing again, reveals a pal.

"He's going for a test run to see how it goes," revealed Michael Brockman. "He's talking about another competitive race. He's doing better than he was so why not?"

Oscar-winner Paul fell in love with the world of motor racing after lensing the film Winning in 1969. The flick, which also stars his wife, Joanne Woodward, sees the blue-eyed actor play Frank Capua, a driver who dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500.

Since then, Paul has competed in many events, including the legendary Le Mans. He also, at the age of 70, became the oldest driver to be part of a winning team at the 24-hour Daytona meeting and is still an active part of the hugely successful Newman/Haas Racing team.

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