Despite sharing the screen with some of Hollywood's hottest talents - including Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in his latest movie - James, seen here at the film's premiere with his wife Anne-Marie, hasn't lost his taste for Scottish sausages
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Hollywood's great but he misses sausages says 'Wanted' actor James

20 JUNE 2008
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He's becoming accustomed to a life of limousines and red carpets now, yet Wanted star James McAvoy, who hails from a Glasgow council estate, still retains his down-to-earth tastes.

On the promotional trail for the fantasy adventure, which also features Angelina Jolie and Terence Stamp, the talented actor admitted this week that what he misses most about his native Scotland is the food.

"We have a thing called a square sausage. It's exceptional," explained James, who attended the flick's Los Angeles premiere with his actress wife Anne-Marie Duff. "I also miss watching my home football team play, Celtic Football Club."

He can see the rewards more than compensate for the lack of Scottish delicacies, though. In this case "the 12-year-old boy" inside of him was excited by a role which required him to be trained as an assassin by the movie's master crime busterMorgan Freeman.

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