English beauty Rachel and her American filmmaker fianc Darren Aronofsky will be making their home in the British capital with their two-year-old son, Henry
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Romantic Reese has moved into a luxurious home in Notting Hill with her two children, Ava and Deacon, and beau Jake for the summer so she can be close to her Rendition co-star love
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Lure of London attracts Rachel and Reese to move across the pond

22 JUNE 2008
For the last five years English actress Rachel Weisz has made her home in Manhattan. Now the London-born beauty is returning to her roots and moving back to the British capital.

Joined by her fianc, film director Darren Aronofsky, and their two-year-old son Henry, the 37-year-old Oscar-winner will this month move into a luxurious 3.5 million house in Primrose Hill. Fashionable neighbours will include Kate Moss and Sadie Frost.

"Rachel is really excited about her move back to Britain," says a friend. "She initially moved to New York for work and to be close to Darren, who is a native of the city, but they have decided to live in London. Rachel was born there and misses it hugely."

The star of The Constant Gardener is not the only one crossing the pond this summer. Blonde beauty Reese Witherspoon and her two children have just moved into a 1.9 million house in the cosmopolitan district of Notting Hill to be closer to her love Jake Gyllenhaal.

Billed as Hollywood's highest paid actress, the romantic 32-year-old is taking a four-month break from work so she can be closer to Brokeback Mountain actor Jake, who is currently filming in London.

"Reese loves England and has been really looking forward to spending this time living with Jake," revealed an actress pal of the star.