The much-loved actor will be back in Albert Square later this summer after filming a one-off special for the show. On Wednesday he was attending an awards ceremony honouring those who, like him, are rebuilding their lives after suffering a stroke
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Courage of 'EastEnders' actor pays off as he returns to spotlight

26 JUNE 2008
Brave EastEnders star John Bardon has made his first public appearance since suffering a stroke last year. The 68-year-old, who plays Jim Branning in the Walford soap, was the star guest at the Life After Strokes awards ceremony.

Still in a wheelchair, but otherwise in good spirits, the actor talked about his return to the soap earlier this month when he filmed a one-off special. "I loved it," he said of the episode, will be broadcast over the summer.

His condition was even written into the show, with June Brown - his on-screen wife Dot filming one episode by herself in which she records a message telling her husband she can't face looking after him at home.