Expectant Nicole called the radio show to reveal her supportive husband was attending antenatal classes with her. When the DJ heard she was en route to the studio he put in his cheeky lunch order - only to be completely stunned when she turned up with the salad he'd requested
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Nicole turns delivery girl to drop off lunch for cheeky radio DJ

27 JUNE 2008
Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman left a Tennessee radio DJ speechless this week when she showed up at his studio with his lunch order. The cheeky DJ had jokingly asked her to pick up a salad for him when she phoned in during an interview with her country star husband Keith Urban. And Nicole obliged.

"I have no intention of eating this. Are you kidding?" said delighted DJ Gerry House as expectant Nicole presented him with the salad after arriving at the studio to pick up her husband. "Lunch delivered by Nicole Kidman? I'm having it bronzed!" he insisted.

The Moulin Rouge actress and her husband - who celebrated their second wedding anniversary this week - are due to welcome their new arrival "soon" according to the excited father-to-be.

Nicole had phoned the show to report her husband has been taking antenatal classes with her, after hearing his comments on his preparations for approaching fatherhood. "Keith has been doing Lamaze lessons, he's selling himself short. He's been very good at it!" she insisted.

The radio host was prompted to put in his lunch order after she told listeners she was stuck in traffic en route to the studio.

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