The expectant mum got a welcome visit from Brad and two of her children, Shiloh and her adopted big sister Zahara. The French doctor looking after the star in a Nice hospital has said her babies are due in the coming weeks
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Dr Michel Sussman stressed Angelina is "absolutely fine" and has checked in so the medical team can keep an eye on her
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Angelina's twins will arrive 'in the coming weeks' says doctor

3 JULY 2008
As any expectant mother can imagine, lying around in hospital waiting to give birth to twins must be frustrating. So Angelina Jolie will have been happy to get a visit from her two daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, who arrived with their dad Brad Pitt.

The trio dropped in to Nice's Lenval hospital just as the French obstetrician caring for the Hollywood actress told reporters she was due "in the coming weeks". Since the Cannes film festival in May Angelina and Brad have been based in France with their family.

Her doctor was at pains to stress that his celebrity patient had checked in for monitoring rather than an emergency. "Mrs Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt told me to tell you she is doing absolutely fine," said Dr Michel Sussmann, apparently unaware the stars are unmarried.

He added: "Her hospitalisation at this stage in her pregnancy is totally normal for someone who had a Cesarean during her first pregnancy."

Angelina - who already has four children in total, three of them adopted - is staying in a suite of four rooms on the clinic's fifth floor, along with the couple's bodyguards.

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