The Oscar-winning star will play the elder statesman in a film about the impact of South Africa's hosting of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. He received the anti-apartheid hero's blessing for the part when the pair met up at a charity gala in Monaco last year
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Mr Mandela's story gets Hollywood treatment with Morgan in title role

4 JULY 2008
As the actor with arguably the most natural gravitas in Hollywood, Morgan Freeman has always been a frontrunner for any film about Nelson Mandela. Now the Oscar-winner has announced plans to portray the iconic South African leader in a film set during the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

The Human Factor tells the story of how Mr Mandela - then the country's first black president - used the South Africa-hosted event to heal the racial divide.

"I have known Nelson Mandela personally for some time, and am in awe of his enormous presence," said the veteran actor, who added that it would be a challenge "to suggest his voice and his speech without making a fool of myself".