The two-year-old toddler and her daddy were on set as the actress filmed a guest spot on Eli Stone, the tale of a lawyer who begins to have visions
Photo: Rex
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Katie showed off a voluminous Farrah Fawcett-style hairdo as she arrived at the LA studio
Photo: Rex

Suri on set with Tom to see mummy Katie at work on US TV series

16 JULY 2008
Having already visited her movie star dad Tom Cruise on the set of his WWII epic Valkyrie, Suri Cruise got the chance to seeher mum Katie Holmes in action this week. The two-year-old toddler held on tight to her daddy's hand as the pair accompanied Katie to work on the LA set of her new acting project - American TV series Eli Stone.

With her stylish bob and cherub lips Suri usually looks like a mini Katie. There was a notable difference between the mother and daughter this time, though, as Katie's normally sleek hairstyle had been swapped for a voluminous, Farrah Fawcett-style 'do.

The transformation was for a guest role in the show about a San Francisco lawyer who begins to see visions. It's the first major acting work for the raven-haired actress since she filmed Mad Money last year. And her first day back at work was clearly a notable occasion as her mum Kathleen turned up to see her daughter in action, too.