The actress' latest role is a far cry from the more serious fare she usually takes on. Natalie sends up Bollywood movies by starring as an Indian princess in a music video to accompany the work of her folk musician boyfriend
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The couple, who've been inseparable over the last six months, hammed it up for Devendra's song Carmensita
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Natalie turns Bollywood heroine for folk rocker boyfriendís video

23 JULY 2008
Dressed in traditional Indian costume with gold jewellery and a red bindi dot on her forehead, Natalie Portman is the picture of a Bollywood princess in a new music video.

The Cold Mountain actress shed her image as one of Hollywood's most cerebral actresses to star in a hilarious spoof of Indian movies created by her boyfriend, folk rocker Devendra Banhart.

In the video accompanying his single Carmensita, Natalie features as a beautiful maiden waiting to be saved from a wicked lord by her beloved - played by Devendra.

All the standard Bollywood elements are sent up with plenty of dancing, silly sub-titles and an even sillier plotline. In the end Natalie's character is reincarnated as an octopus.

Love blossomed between the couple last year when Natalie invited the eccentric Venezuelan-American musician to feature on a charity album she produced. In the last six months they've been inseparable, travelling together to Cannes and Israel, where the screen beauty's family originates.

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