At Bristol Zoo to help raise funds, the Faulty Towers star was happy to answer questions about his new 34-year-old girlfriend Veronica Smiley. "She's absolutely gorgeous and incredibly intelligent," he said of the blonde American
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John opens up about 'gorgeous' new lady in his life on visit to zoo

25 JULY 2008
On a fundraising trip to Bristol Zoo this week Faulty Towers star John Cleese took the opportunity to speak about his feelings for his new love, 34-year-old US marketing executive Veronica Smiley.

"She's absolutely gorgeous and incredibly intelligent," said the 68-year-old comedian, who recently took the pretty blonde on a romantic break to the Italian lakes. "All my friends were incredibly jealous when they saw her."

He also addressed the issue of the age gap which had been focused upon when news of their relationship broke a week ago. "People go on about her being half my age, but I'm not sure that matters," he said.

The pair - who both have children from previous marriages - met in New York, and John says it was Nancy who made the first move. "She asked if I'd like to go for a coffee."