In between signing mementos at the Comic Con festival in San Diego, the two TV hard men explained why they hope the next season of 24 will counter criticism that the show lost its bite during series six
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Meanwhile, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv were promoting Fringe, their show about an FBI agent and a scientist who team up to investigate unexplained phenomena
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'24' stars Kiefer and Carlos give the scoop on season seven

29 JULY 2008
Fans of 24 probably did a double take when they saw actor Carlos Bernard holding court with Kiefer Sutherland at a California comic book convention after all his character, Tony, died after an explosion back in series five. But Kiefers one-time sidekick is set to make a mysterious return in season seven and the two counter-terrorist agents were on hand to explain the hows and whys without giving too much of the game away, of course.

"Obviously the real-time aspect is the real star of the show. So when I was asked what I thought of bringing Carlos back, I said, 'Um, how?'" recalled Kiefer, who was joined at this weekend's Comic Con festival in San Diego by a host of other stars promoting their shows, including Joshua Jackson, star of new sci-fi series Fringe.

The writing team's innovative solution to the problem proved impossible to resist, however. "The way he came back was so extraordinary and unexpected and very '24' and so clever. So we went for it," added the Canadian actor.

Other season seven revelations at the three-day extravaganza, which drew 125,000 film and comic fans, included the arrival of a female president and veteran actor Jon Voight playing a good guy or, as is the 24 way, possibly a baddie.

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