The Riches actress, who's due to give birth shortly, has been inundated with presents for the impending arrival, leading her to joke that she may have to give some of them away
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Gifts galore mean Minnie has fleet of prams for her baby

31 JULY 2008
Anyone in the market for a new pram should look no further than Minnie Driver. The mum-to-be has been given so many gifts for the child she's expecting, she might have to resort to selling them off.

"I've got strollers coming out of my ears like 24 of them. Does anyone want one?" asks the LA-based British actress, who has so far declined to name her baby's father.

Marriage is not an option and the couple are not sure if they'll stay together, The Riches star revealed in a frank interview recently.

She's not short on support, though, as family and friends will see her through the coming challenges, Minnie added. "My mum and aunt Serena will be with me (during the birth), as will my best friends, a midwife and a yoga teacher. And I'll be the wailing monster at the centre."