One of the day's highlights was a visit to see a colossal fourth century bronze depicting the Roman emperor Constantine
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The couple snap one for the family album at the Capitoline Museum, which is one of Europe's oldest
Photo: Rex

Sly turns tour guide as he shows his girls round the Italian capital

31 JULY 2008
Sylvester Stallone has been introducing his family to some of Europe's most famous sights this week, as they continue their exploration of the Italian capital. The screen action hero was soaking up the culture of historic Rome along with wife Jennifer Flavin and children Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet.

Sly, who became familiar with the Italian capital when he lensed Cliffhanger there and the surrounding areas in 1993, seemed to be putting his knowledge of visitor highlights to good use.

The day included a trip to one of the continent's oldest museums, where the group checked out a colossal bronze head of Constantine, the controversial ancient Emperor.

The family, who live in a $20-million mansion in Hollywood, also dropped by the boutique-lined streets around the Spanish Steps, a popular attraction in the city's most exclusive shopping district.

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