The RSC production is a modern take on the Shakespearean classic, with David's Hamlet taking to the stage with Yorick's skull in a beanie hat and parka
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The play's star-studded cast includes former Star Trek captain and renowned Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart as Hamlet's uncle, Claudius
Photo: Rex

'Dr Who' star David prepares for debut as tortured Danish prince

4 AUGUST 2008
Best known these days for his role as Doctor Who in the cult TV series, David Tennant began his acting career treading the boards with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Now the Scottish actor has returned to his thespian roots as the lead in Hamlet for the prestigious Stratford-Upon-Avon-based company.

In the new production, which takes a modern-day approach to the bard's classic, he stars alongside a fellow space traveller - Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart. The former Enterprise captain plays his uncle, Claudius.

Since David's involvement in the production was announced on July 24 devoted fans of the 37-year-old have taken to waiting at the stage door to catch a glimpse of their hero as he leaves after rehearsals.

Hamlet opens at Stratford on Tuesday, August 5, and runs until November 15.