The couple, pictured at the Country Music Awards in May, have taken their one-month-old daughter Down Under to visit the grandparents she hasn't yet met
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Nicole and Keith take baby Sunday to meet her family in Oz

7 AUGUST 2008
Since they welcomed little Sunday Rose on July 7 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been getting used to the joys of parenthood in their adopted home of Tennessee. Now the Hollywood couple have taken their one-month-old to Australia to get acquainted with her parents' homeland - and her grandparents - for the first time.

Speaking on Australian radio from their Sydney home, after touching down on Wednesday, Nicole revealed they are looking forward to introducing Sunday to the family members she hasn't yet met. "My mother was there with me for the birth, but my dad hasn't met her and Keith's mum and dad are coming down," she said.

In the same interview The Golden Compass actress also revealed who her daughter is taking after in the looks department. "She looks like Keith," says Nicole, adding: "She has got a little bit of hair - it has a bit of a reddish tinge."