The actress found a distraction from filming in the form of a new furry friend
Photo: Rex
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Animal-lover Debra gets a special visitor during filming in LA

15 AUGUST 2008
Lensing her latest TV series in a Los Angeles park this week, Will And Grace star Debra Messing found herself distracted from the job in hand by a furry friend. Bending down to greet an excitable pooch, the flame-haired beauty couldn't resist scooping her new pal up for a cuddle.

The animal-loving actress, who's busy filming scenes for US small screen series The Starter Wife, has her own dog - named Laila - so has lots of experience when it comes to canine companions.

"She grew up with dogs, and proudly calls herself a 'dogperson'," reveals her producer husband Dan - adding that his famous wife's passion for pooches has now rubbed off onto him, despite his initial reluctance to get a pet. "Of course, I instantly fell deeply in love with (our dog)!" he admits.