Wearing a gold jumpsuit, Bill gently falls to earth on his tandem jump with the US Army's parachute team, who also helped former US president George Bush Snr fulfill his skydiving dream
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The star waves triumphantly after landing safely back on the ground. "That was really fun," he revealed
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Bill Murray reaches new heights on tandem parachute jump

16 AUGUST 2008
Oscar-winning actor Bill Murray saw his hometown of Chicago in a whole new way on Friday by jumping from a plane 13,500 feet up in the air.

Doing a tandem leap to open the 50th Chicago Air and Water Show, the 57-year-old daredevil took several deep breaths before stepping out of the doors of the aircraft, dropping at about 120 miles per hour strapped to Staff Sergeant Joe Jones of the US Army's parachute team.

Safely back on the ground, Bill showed the nerve-wracking experience hadn't dampened his sense of humour.

"I had a designated driver," quipped the Lost In Translation star. "I was laughing hysterically while I was falling but just before it I was tearing up a little bit.

"But it was really fun, a kick," he added