Tilda chose the flicks for the festival herself from some of her personal favourites and the first screening - 1935's Peter Ibbetson - sold out. "It is a gift for me to share these films," she says
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Tilda Swinton launches her dream film festival in Scottish seaside town

16 AUGUST 2008
As an Oscar-winning actress, Tilda Swinton is certainly used to the glamourous side of film festivals. Now the British star has created her own, in her hometown of Nairn in north-east Scotland, and saw its opening on Friday.

This is a film festival with a twist, though. Celebrities are not invited and entry is free to those who bring fairy cakes. Audiences at the specially converted Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams the seaside resort's former town hall - sit on beanbags and can tuck into sandwiches as they watch the flicks.

Running until August 23, the festival will show a variety of films, including Singin' In The Rain, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Murder Most Foul.

"One of my dearest hopes is that people see the possibility for a Cinema of Dreams in every part of the country," says the Michael Clayton star.

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