The 22-year-old actress has become the latest well-known face to join the goings-on at Mode magazine
Photo: Rex
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Lindsay joins America's character Betty (pictured) as her former high-school nemesis who's now reduced to working in a fast-food restaurant
Photo: Rex

Lindsay's bagel-tossing gains her kudos with 'Ugly Betty' cast

29 AUGUST 2008
Clad in a sexy orange cheerleader's uniform, Lindsay Lohan returned to the Ugly Betty set this week to continue filming her cameo episodes in the satirical fashion industry show. The starlet, who plays lead actress America Ferrera's former high school nemesis Kimmie, later swapped the ensemble for another racy school-girl style outfit of a pvc skirt and over-the-knee socks.

In the current storyline Lindsay is down on her luck and working in a fast-food outlet while the star of America's character has risen.

The rest of the Ugly Betty team have been full of praise for the Mean Girls actress. Ana Ortiz Betty's sister in the popular series said the 22-year-old actress quickly got into the improvisational style used by the cast, starting with a scene in which a food fight takes place.

"She throws a mean bagel," she joked. "It broke the ice really well!"