Like millions of fellow Americans the TV tough-guy was enjoying time out over the Labor Day weekend. Hitting the shore in Malibu with his dog and a pal, Kiefer revealed just how in-shape all that screen action keeps him
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Hunky '24' star Kiefer reveals he's well fit at 41 on day out at beach

Kiefer, who's often dubbed the hardest-working actor in Hollywood - reportedly spending 15 hours a day lensing the drama series - was taking time off from his counter-terrorist agent alter-ego Jack Bauer with a pal over Labor Day weekend.
Another reminder of his tough on-screen persona came with the tattoos he was showing off. Some of the body art originally belonged to his character Jack, but the actor committed to it in real life, too, after getting fed up of waiting to have them painted on by the show's makeup team every day. Other pieces commemorate key moments in his life the star wanted a permanent record of.

While he's keeping his romance with model-turned-journalist Siobhan Bonnouvrier strictly under wraps there was a special companion the 24 star was more than happy to be seen out and about with - his Alsatian.

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