The Hollywood heavyweight was given the Italian film extravanza's highest accolade - the Marc'Aurelio award for lifetime achievement
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Although he often says that these days he prefers a quiet night in with his several canine pals, Mickey Rourke was accompanied by a female friend to the festival dinner
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Mickey Rourke helps fete Al Pacino at Rome film festival gala

23 OCTOBER 2008
You feel as though someone's giving you a party and you don't know what you've done to deserve it, was how Al Pacino summed up his rapturous reception at the Rome film festival, which kicked off with Brazil-themed celebrations on Wednesay.

The Righteous Kill star was in town to receive a new piece of silverware for his packed mantelpiece the Marc'Aurelio award for lifetime achievement.

And the extravaganza certainly had a carnival atmosphere, featuring more than 40 Brazilian singers and dancers, who performed before the crowd of revellers filling the ancient city's historic centre.

The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke was among those turning out to salute the veteran at a dinner in the 16th-century Villa Medici.

Hollywood's comeback king makes no secret of the fact that, rather than be seen with the ladies, these days he prefers to stay at home with his six dogs. But on this occasion the 56-year-old was accompanied by a statuesque blonde.

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