Director Steven Spielberg struggles to explain the idea of getting young people to vote by reverse psychology to Tom and a number of other stars in the film
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Producer Leo has followed up his original video with 5 More Friends, for which he was joined once again by some of Hollywood's most famous faces

Newlywed Scarlett is just one of the big names who appears in the star-studded clip

Hollywood heavyweights join Leo to urge young people to vote

30 OCTOBER 2008
With the US presidential election less than a week away, Leonardo DiCaprio has gathered some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Tom Cruise, newlyweds Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, Julia Roberts and Justin Timberlake to appear in a new video encouraging young people to get out and vote.

Produced by and starring the Blood Diamond actor, the short film actually starts with film-maker Steven Spielberg instructing famous faces from the entertainment world - Will Smith, Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf also among them - to say "don't vote" on November 4.

As the celebs struggle to understand the director's strange request, pals Tom and Will are seen complaining to each other, while former 'N Sync member Justin quips: "I can do anything. I was in a boy band, okay?"

A witty exercise in reverse psychology, the video also has the stars sharing screen time with members of the public, who give their personal reasons for voting.

Later Harrison points out the power of individuals, highlighting that just 537 people determined the 2000 election, before Canadian actor Ryan jokes, "There's more Baldwin brothers than that!"

Titled 5 More Friends, the announcement follows Leo's original star-packed 5 Friends clip that debuted at the start of October.

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