While his teamates were younger players from his New York neighbourhood, Tim had no trouble keeping up when he joined in a game of street hockey. A keen fan of the sport, the actor was spotted wearing a T-shirt reading: "Hockey dads for Obama' during the recent US election
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No gym membership required as Tim gets his skates on

18 NOVEMBER 2008
He's 50 years old and impressively statuesque at 6ft 5in, but Tim Robbins demonstrated he's still a big kid at heart when he joined New York locals in a roller hockey game. The Big Apple-based actor, who had a few more years on him than his teammates, didn't appear to be running out of puff, though, as he whizzed about the court on ñinear skates during the game in Greenwich Village.

His stamina, no doubt, comes from the fact that he's been playing ice hockey since childhood. And his love of the game extends to supporting as well as playing - he's a frequent fixture at New York Rangers games.

Tim has plenty of motivation for keeping in shape - his partner Susan Sarandon has an enviable physique. The 62-year-old recently posed for a charity calendar, recreating a Forties Hollywood pin-up look in nothing more than a feather boa, tights and golden stilettos.

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