24 NOVEMBER 2008

Having spent the weekend partying with a host of celebrities at the opening extravaganza of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, Mischa Barton later opted for some time out, frolicking with a dolphin in the resort's Aquaventure water park.

After the star-studded events of the previous night, Mischa swapped A-list company for a refreshing dip with the friendly-looking creature in the water park - just one of the extravagant hotel's many lavish attractions.

The inauguration ceremony, which at a cost of £13.5 million is believed to be the most expensive private party ever thrown, was attended by a roll call of famous faces including Charlize Theron and the Duchess of York. The lavish bash featured performances by pop sensation Kylie Minogue and a fireworks display to rival that of the Beijing Olympics.

Photo: ©
Mischa found the perfect way to chill after partying with the international jet set in Dubai's uber-luxe Atlantis hotelPhoto: © Getty Images
Photo: ©
The OC starlet, who joined 2000 guests at the resort's opening party, was clearly moved by her encounter with the dolphins in residence at the Aquaventure water park Photo: © Getty Images

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