The spark is very much still there between Demi and husband Ashton as was evident as they stepped out together to a London premiere of her new film Flawless
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Inspector Lynley Mysteries actor Nathaniel Parker was accompanied on the red carpet by his Maisie Raine actress wife Anna
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Look of love for 'Flawless' Demi as she sparkles on the red carpet

27 NOVEMBER 2008
Three years after they tied the knot, the spark between Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher seemed to burn as brightly as ever as they stepped out to a charity premiere in London of the actress' latest film.

Elegant in a black Chanel gown with bead-fringed lace sleeves, Demi had eyes only for her handsome spouse on the red carpet when the couple attended a West End screening of Flawless.

Flawless, which also stars Michael Caine and Inspector Lynley actor Nathaniel Parker, revolves around a Sixties businesswoman, played by Demi, who becomes so frustrated with the 'glass ceiling' at the diamond company where she works she teams up with a janitor to plan a heist.

In the film, for which she adopts a British accent, the 46-year-old was aged for a number of 'future' scenes. Even adding several decades didn't dim the actress' beauty, though. "Demi was still incredibly stunning and beautiful after hours of prosthetics made her look 70," says Natalie Dormer, who also has a small part in the film.

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