Emma Watson and Dustin Hoffman lead an all-star cast of Brits and Americans in animated flick The Tale Of Despereaux
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Other high profile talents whose voices feature in the tale of a princess and her friend the big-eared mouse include Tracey Ullman, Sigourney Weaver, Matthew Broderick and Kevin Kline
Photo: Getty Images

From Hogwarts to sharing a bill with Dustin - Emma's growing up

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Sharing a giggle on the red carpet with none other than Dustin Hoffman, it's clear Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is inching her way towards A-list status, and perfectly comfortable in the limelight.

The Hogwarts student was centre of attention at world premiere of the animated flick The Tale Of Despereaux, which the pair were promoting with Emma's fellow Brit Tracey Ullman and Americans Matthew Broderick and Sigourney Weaver.

Even among the all-star cast, the 18-year-old stood out in a daring mini-dress with a sheer bodice and low-cut back.

While her fashion sense has become increasingly sophisticated in the past 12 months, the young actress is also preparing to graduate to more adult roles and has said she's even considering baring flesh if the part demands it.

Her latest project is Christmas family entertainment through and through, though. Emma provides the voice for Princess Pea, a character who becomes friends with a brave, big-eared little mouse.

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