19 DECEMBER 2008

Although work commitments kept him away from Katie Holmes on her 30th birthday, Tom Cruise's thoughts were still with his beautiful young wife.

Busy in Los Angeles promoting his WWII drama Valkyrie, Tom didn't let distance stop him surprising his wife, who was performing on Broadway on her big day.

As the curtain fell on All My Sons on Thursday night, the cast and crew wheeled out a specially-made five-tier cake in an unexpected gesture for the surprised actress.

"Tom Cruise, our good friend, devoted fan to the show, doting husband of Katie, could not be here tonight," co-star John Lithgow told the audience. "He's heartsick that he couldn’t be here… but he wanted his presence felt. So, he's joining us, inviting all of you, to celebrate Katie's birthday."

Katie, who has been treated to "a bunch of surprises" all week from thoughtful Tom, got a helping hand from the couple's little girl, Suri, as mother and daughter blew out the candles together to the applause of the audience.

"I planned it so that when she comes out for the standing ovation, John would get the whole audience to wish her a happy birthday," Tom revealed from the red carpet.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Although he was in LA for a Valkyrie premiere, Tom orchestrated a night to remember for his wife in New York Photo: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Little did Katie know as she left with Suri for the theatre on Thursday night (pictured), that her husband had arranged a special birthday surprise Photo: © Rex