The scene, in which he emerged from the water off the coast of St Barths, echoed one in Daniel's first Bond outing, Casino Royale. His swim-suit clad appearance in the film had fans swooning in cinema aisles
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This time he had an appreciative audience in his fiancée Satsuki Mitchell. The couple were enjoying a break in the French West Indies
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Daniel makes waves as he recreates sexy 'Casino' beach shot

29 DECEMBER 2008
If Daniel Craig has been tucking into the mince pies, there was no evidence of it when the 007 actor recreated one of his most memorable film scenes, emerging from the sea in a pair of brief swimming shorts.

On holiday in the Caribbean with fiancée Satsuki Mitchell, the Bond star showed off his sculpted physique as he stepped from the turquoise waters off the coast of St Barths. And onlookers could have imagined themselves on the set of Casino Royale, the movie which launched his reputation as one of the buffest Bonds.

Daniel's physique looked as impressive as it did when he appeared in the flick two years ago, a fact that wasn't lost on Satsuki, an American film producer.

During their vacation, the 29-year-old was seen snuggling happily up to her guy as they had fun dodging the waves and sunbathing.

The couple have been making the most of their time together before the British star starts filming the titular role in I, Lucifer a satire also featuring Ewan McGregor in which Satan is challenged by God to live a blameless life in the body of a human.

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