6 JANUARY 2009

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Not everyone would be comfortable letting their other half get this close to a man of Mickey Rourke's diamond-in-the-rough charisma.

Simon Le Bon, of course, had no such qualms when he and his lovely wife of 22 years, supermodel Yasmin, caught up with The Wrestler actor at the film's London premiere.

In any case, these days the one-time bad boy doesn't concern himself with flirtations.

Instead, as Hollywood's surprise at his comeback turns into solid predictions he's a frontrunner for a Golden Globe and even an Oscar, the actor is doing the rounds drumming up support for his movie.

As he explained at the UK premiere: "I had 15 years to think about what I was going to do when I got a part I could sink my teeth into." "So you just step up to the plate, or you go get a job," he added.

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As the momentum builds in Mickey Rourke's goal of bagging a Golden Globe and Oscar, the actor gets support from Jason Statham and Simon Le Bon, who attended the UK premiere of The Wrestler with his wife Yasmin
Photo: Getty Images
Jason and the Hollywood star became good friends while filming the thriller 13 together