The Desperate Housewives star is at the controls, but one of the girls lends her toddler weight to give her twin a ride in a popular American toy truck
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Marcia's fans have been able to follow the youngsters progress from chubby, sun hat-wearing babes in arms to energetic toddlers with their own personalities
Photo: Rex

Marcia Cross' twins Eden and Savannah blossom in the spotlight

14 JANUARY 2009
While some celebrity offspring make their debut in a flurry of excitement and are then rarely heard of again, Marcia Cross' twin daughters Eden and Savannah seem to be rivalling their mum in the profile stakes. The youngsters, who turn two next month, got photographers snapping this week when they joined the flame-haired actress for play time outside their LA home.

As a mature mum who dreamed of a family, 46-year-old Marcia continues to revel in her daughters, and hardly a week goes by without her being pictured having fun with them. Which means fans have got to follow the little ones' progress from chubby, sun hat-wearing babies to energetic toddlers.

Marcia isn't the only famous lady loving being a mummy at the moment. Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is enjoying the experience of looking after baby Beau, her son with chef partner Jade Jones, so much she wants to extend her family further.

"Beau is my life and the reason I'm happier than ever," says the 32-year-old singer. "He's so good and funny and loves his cuddles. After having such a wonderful little thing I can't wait to have another."

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