15 JANUARY 2009

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Even VIP guests at the premiere of Will Smith's latest film Seven Pounds were thrilled with the actor's presence in Leicester Square. And one famous screening guest, in particular, was keen to make his appreciation known – and did so with a cheeky gesture.

TV style guru Gok Wan couldn't resist leaning forward and puckering up to a poster of the film's handsome lead on the wall of the Empire cinema.

Charismatic Will took all the attention in his stride, posing for photos and chatting to fans waiting outside in the freezing cold with all the enthusiasm we've come to expect from him.

He explained the storyline of the drama, which also features Rosario Dawson, is different from those in of his usual action movies. "I play a guy who has experienced a really bad trauma in his life and he sets out to find seven people who he's going to help in order to repent for his sins."

He added: "In the process he meets Rosario's character and then there's this fantastic, crazy, Sixth Sense kind of ending."

Photo: Getty Images
The How To Look Good Naked presenter is clearly a big fan of the film's popular American star
Photo: Getty Images
Outside the cinema in London's Leicester Square Will was busy greeting more admirers