20 JANUARY 2009

Although they're two of Northern Ireland's biggest stars, until now they've never shared a screen. Their new project changes that, however. TV star James Nesbitt stars opposite Oscar nominee Liam Neeson in gritty political drama Five Minutes Of Heaven.

The duo were reunited on the red carpet this week as they presented their joint project at the Sundance Film festival in Utah. In the Belfast-set movie, which is based on true life events, they play two men trying to come to terms with the conflict in Northern Ireland.

It wasn't just new projects on display at the 11-day film festival this week. Golden Globe nominee Andie MacDowell and The OC's Peter Gallagher were in town for a commemorative screening of Sex, Lies And Videotape - the indie film which went on to be a worldwide box office success after debuting at Sundance in 1989.

Photo: Getty Images
The two Northern Ireland actors joined German director Oliver Hirschbiegel promoting their Belfast-set political thriller Five Minutes From Heaven at the Utah film festival
Photo: Getty Images
Meanwhile revisiting a cult classic were Andie MacDowell and Peter Gallagher. The US actors dropped in to attend a commemorative screening of their 1989 film Sex, Lies And Videotape