It wasn't a scene from one of his usual whodunnits, the crimebuster was just playing up to the cameras as he accepted his Hollywood star
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Among those helping him unveil the honour was his co-star Marg and director William Friedkin (centre)
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William Petersen has a starring moment on the Walk Of Fame

Seeing William Petersen dusting a pavement for clues isn't too surprising - after all he is the Las Vegas crime lab's top forensic specialist.

No crime had been committed, however. The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actor was, in fact, playing to the cameras as he accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Saying he was "overwhelmed" by the honour, William added: "I never expected it".

Marg Helgenberger, who plays his number two in the TV show, paid an emotional tribute to her co-star. "Millions of fans love him for his many memorable roles. Yet the sum of all the parts he's played don't come close to the complexity, the kindness, the mystery, the loyalty and the generosity that is Billy himself," she said.

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