11 MARCH 2009

When his son Colin signed up to make The Great Buck Howard, Tom Hanks - like any supportive parent – took an interest in his son's new project. But after reading the script, and realising there was an opening to play the father of Colin's character, the Hollywood actor's involvement stepped up a level.

"I selfishly attached myself as the dad," reveals Tom, who was busy launching the joint effort with his son and their British co-star Emily Blunt in New York this week. "I didn't even ask Colin, I just said: 'Hey listen, I'd like to play the dad'. He kind of rolled his eyes and said, 'Well yeah, I can see why.' And that was that."

The film tells the tale of a young man, who - much to the chagrin of his father - becomes the new assistant to a washed-up illusionist known as the Great Buck Howard. The magician's role is filled by John Malkovich, who was also at the premiere this week. Other famous guests at the screening included Jane Fonda – who returned to Broadway this week after a 46-year absence – and Oscar nominee Samantha Morton.

Photo: Rex
Two generations of Hanks men joined Young Victoria actress Emily at the New York presentation of their joint project The Great Buck Howard
Photo: Getty Images
Veteran actress Jane Fonda was also at the screening