27 MARCH 2009

Some skipped school, prepared to risk the wrath of their parents for a glimpse of Zac Efron's fresh-faced features and sparkling baby blues.

So when their idol appeared at the UK premiere of his latest movie a deafening roar went up from the hundreds of thrilled teenagers in London's Leicester Square.

On his second visit to Britain – this time promoting 17 Again - the High School Musical star was overwhelmed by the response. "I have the best fans in the world," he enthused.

Surveying the girls pushing forward eager to get his autographs, the youngster admitted he was flattered by comparisons with David Beckham, saying: "I like his style."

The young celebrities on the red carpet, among them X Factor finalist Diana Vickers and soap star Roxanne Pallett, seemed equally excited to get close to the 21-year-old, who charmed millions around the world in the High School franchise.

In 17 Again Zac plays a younger version of Friends actor Mathew Perry, in the role of a businessman whose life hasn't gone to plan. He gets a second chance to correct what went wrong when he wakes up in Zac's body.

Photo: Getty Images
The High School Musical star earned comparisons with David Beckham after starring in a Disney ad as the prince in Sleeping Beauty, the same campaign the handsome footballer featured in two years ago. "I like his style", said a flattered Zac
Excited fans greeting the American actor at the premiere of his latest film 17 Again certainly seemed every bit as enthusiastic as Becks' admirers