The New Jersey born 31-year-old, who says he feels called to public service, will act as a liaison between the Asian and Pacific Island communities and the US leader. He hasn't written off a return to acting, however
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'House' star Kal Penn to join Obama government

8 APRIL 2009
Having recently made a dramatic exit from House, the US medical drama in which he plays Lawrence Kutner, a doctor who comes up with unorthodox ways to diagnose patients, Kal Penn is to take up a very different role, within the new administration of Barack Obama.

As an associate director with the Office of Public Liaison the actor, who campaigned extensively for the new President in the recent elections, will be helping the new leader connect with Asian and Pacific Island communities and arts groups.

The New Jersey-born 31-year-old, who's also known for his portrayal of a marijuana-smoking student in the Harold and Kumar comedy films, says he feels called to public service, but hasn't given up on his screen career entirely.

"It's not like I'm retiring from acting. I certainly intend to come back at some point."

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