15 APRIL 2009

The stunned reaction to Susan Boyle's extraordinary rendition of I Dreamed A Dream during Britain's Got Talent on Saturday night continues to spread. Stateside, Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have picked up on the Scottish singer's storming turn on the talent show and are doing their bit to promote her global success.

Prolific 'Twitterers', the couple used the online micro-blogging service to discuss talented Susan's performance of the West End song. Which the Ghost beauty revealed moved her to tears.

Former fashion model Ashton posted a link to the Britain's Got Talent segment on his page urging his wife to view the clip with the words: "This made my night". Replying as MrsKutcher, 46-year-old Demi replied: "You saw it made me teary!".

As one of Hollywood's most famous couples Demi and her 31-year-old husband are 'followed' on the social networking site by some 1.4 million people. And thousands of their fans have now clicked on the link.

Already the favourite to win the talent show, 48-year-old charity worker Susan - whose performance has already received four million hits on YouTube – is expected to follow in the footsteps of international sensation Paul Potts, the opera singer who won the first series of the show.

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Hollywood beauty Demi revealed Susan's
Photo: ITV
Susan's rendition of I Dreamed A Dream has already been viewed by around four million people on YouTube. The 48-year-old charity worker is now the favourite to win the talent show