17 APRIL 2009

Just days after swooping into a premiere on the runner of a helicopter, X-Men star Hugh Jackman has been living up to his daredevil reputation again. This time the Aussie dreamboat abseiled 107 feet off a building in central London for a fundraising stunt.

Big-hearted Hugh's action-man efforts will benefit the Help For Heroes campaign, which is dedicated to assisting returning servicemen.

The Antipodean – whose parents were both born in England - backed the fundraiser because of his own family connections with the UK Armed Forces. His sister Rowan served with British Intelligence.

"She served in Iraq for six to nine months, so it was close to home. In typical Army fashion, she wouldn't reveal too much", he said in an interview with the Sun.

"I suspected there were some very tough experiences, but she didn't talk about that a great deal," added the 40-year-old.

The Hollywood actor, who plays the superhero Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, was joined by 200 others in the feat organised with the help of the Royal Marines.

Photo: Getty Images
"My sister Rowan was in the Army... She served in Iraq for six to nine months," said the X-Men heart-throb, explaining why he had been keen to take part in the daring 107-foot drop for a UK veterans' charity