17 APRIL 2009

More than two decades after their ice cube and blindfold roleplay seduced movie goers in erotic 1986 thriller Nine And 1/2 Weeks, Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke have been reunited on screen.

Fans were delighted with the appearance of the charismatic duo at the presention of their new flick The Informers in Los Angeles this week.

The old chemistry was in evidence as they soaked up the limelight hand in hand and shared a joke together.

Kim was very much still the blonde bombshell in a sleek trouser suit, while her co-star, who's developed a reputation as a funky dresser in the intervening years, stood out in a canary yellow jacket.

A cautionary tale about the dark side of the Hollywood dream, the film follows a group of amoral characters as their lives crisscross over a week.

Among them are a dissolute rock star, a voyeuristic doorman, a lonely LA socialite, played by Kim, and Mickey's character - a junkie prepared to do anything for his addiction.

Photo: Getty Images
The charismatic pair, who sizzled on the screen in erotic scenes 20 years ago, were reunited on the red carpet to present their latest collaboration
The couple were lovers in steamy 1986 movie Nine And 1/2 Weeks