17 APRIL 2009

Robert Pattinson will soon be joined on the Vancouver set of New Moon by some new cast members. Hot on the heels of the additions of British star Jamie Campbell Smith and War Of The Worlds actress Dakota Fanning, it's been announced that Frost Nixon actor Michael Sheen and Canadian talents Graham Greene and Cameron Bright have also been signed up.

In the highly-anticipated follow up to last year's Twilight, Michael will be portraying Aro, the leader of the sinister Volturi clan, which is determined to keep the existence of vampires secret from humans. He's no stranger to vampire movies, having appeared in this year's Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans.

Meanwhile Dances With Wolves actor Graham is due to play Harry Clearwater, elder of the Quileute Native American people.

British Columbia-born actor Cameron Bright will fly back to his homeland to start work on the thriller after he's completed crime drama 11:11 in California. He's signed up to portray Alec, brother of Dakota's character Jane. A Volturi member, his special power is his ability to block other beings' senses.

The British star, pictured in character for his role in vampire flick Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans, has signed up to play the leader of the sinister Volturi clan in the Twilight sequel
Photo: Getty Images
X-Men: The Last Stand actor Cameron Bright will portray Alec, brother of Dakota Fanning's character Jane