23 APRIL 2009

She's had plenty of experience of other-worldly phenomena from her stint as FBI agent Dana Scully in the X-Files, which may have prompted the interest being taken by BBC bosses in Gillian Anderson for a role as a baddie in Dr Who.

The producers of the cult sci-fi series are apparently eyeing her for a one-off special in which she'd appear opposite new Time Lord Matt Smith.

London-based Gillian, best known to British audiences for her role in Charles Dickens' adaptation Bleak House, would play renegade Time Lady, The Rani. The glamorous but evil scientific genius was played in the Eighties by Kate O'Mara.

"Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following and it's felt that it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who," a source tells the Daily Express.

"The Rani would be a perfect role for her as the character used to be regarded as one of the Doctor's most deadly opponents," they add.

One of the screen's best known paranormal experts is being courted by the makers of Dr Who. Gillian Anderson, known to TV fans as crack FBI agent Dana Scully, has reportedly been asked to appear in a one-off episode of the series
She's apparently being wooed to play a glamorous but evil scientific genius opposite the new Doctor, Matt Smith (pictured), when he takes over the Tardis in 2010