24 APRIL 2009

Video of action in Leicester Square

Disney character Hannah Montana, and her off-screen alter ego, American starlet Miley Cyrus, have a following among celebrity offspring in the UK, too, it seems.

James Nesbitt and Jason Donovan and their excited children negotiated a 2,000-strong crowd of enthusiastic teens waiting to see their idol at the Leicester Square premiere.

And when the 16-year-old heroine made her appearance on the arm of her father country singer Billy Ray Cyrus she didn't disappoint. Miley looked the picture of grown-up sophistication as she greeted fans in a sparkling silver mini-dress and four-inch heels.

The enthusiastic reception, following a similar reaction in Italy, underlines the appeal of the TV series and its big-screen debut.

By day Miley's character is Hannah Stewart, a mousey, anxious US teen worrying about spots, boys and the usual adolescent problems.

When she dons a blonde wig, however, she becomes Hannah Montana, a super-confident, super-successful singing star.

The concept is so successful Miley has earned £7 million to date through CDs, videos, computer games and albums based on the series.

Photo: Rex
When teen heroine Miley Cyrus arrived in town to promote her film Hannah Montana a host of celebrities, including James Nesbitt, took their excited kids to see her
Photo: Rex
The 16-year-old arrived in Leicester Square on the arm of her father and co-star Billy Ray