29 APRIL 2009

Susan Boyle's meteoric rise to fame continues to attract Hollywood interest. Screen beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones has apparently asked about the film rights to the singer's life story reports the Daily Mail.

"This is one of many requests we have had to play Susan, for movie deals and for stories of her life," said a source on the show. "All these people are coming out and want to be associated with her. She is the biggest thing in the world."

The Welsh actress may have some competition for the story of the Scottish singer's sensational appearance on Britain's Got Talent, though, as Titanic director James Cameron is also reported to have expressed interest in the project.

News of a movie angle came as the church volunteer stepped up efforts to spruce up her image.

In addition to her newly coloured chestnut hair and tweezed eyebrows the church volunteer had adopted plum lipstick this week – the first time she's been seen wearing makeup.

Susan also appeared to have purchased a new outfit comprising a dress with a feminine pussycat bow and cropped jacket.

Thus attired the talent show sensation addressed the regular knot of photographers now camped outside her West Lothian home in Scotland on speculation she wants to leave Simon Cowell's programme to launch her career as soon as possible.

"There is no way I am quitting the show. The only way I'd leave the show is if Simon Cowell kicked me out!" she laughed.

Following Demi Moore's championing of the Scottish singer on Twitter, Catherine has apparently approached the producers of Britain's Got Talent with a view to obtaining the rights to Susan Boyle's remarkable story
Photo: PA
Amid all the excitement generated by her powerful voice the church volunteer, seen here debuting her new hairdo last week, is keeping her feet on the ground and moved quickly to scotch rumours she wants to quit the show which has made her a star