1 MAY 2009

When David Bowie's director son Duncan Jones debuted his first ever movie - sci-fi thriller Moon - his 62-year-old musician dad was on hand to share the moment.

Set in the not-so-distant future Moon is the tale of an astronaut completing a three-year stint on the moon where his only company is a computer - voiced by Kevin Spacey.

Although originally given the name Zowie Bowie, 37-year-old, Manhattan-based Duncan ditched the pop scene moniker early on and has since chosen to live his life out of the spotlight and away from the shadow of his iconic father.

Born in London he was brought up by the singer after the Ziggy Stardust star's marriage to first wife Angie fell apart in the Eighties. Educated at Gordonstoun, the Scottish Highland school attended by Prince Charles, he studied philosophy at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee before enrolling at the International Film School in Covent Garden.

Photo: Getty Images
The Ziggy Stardust star was in the audience when son Duncan's first film Moon was screened as part of New York's Tribeca Film Festival. The pair are close, with David bringing him up as a single dad after the collapse of his first marriage in the Eighties