1 MAY 2009

Mother-of-two Jennifer Garner was showing off the effects of being hands-on mum when she made an appearance on the David Letterman show this week.

Otherwise perfectly groomed, the beautiful brunette was sporting some painful-looking cuts and grazes to her knees and elbows. The result of throwing herself over-enthusiastically into having fun with three-year-old daughter Violet. Luckily for the Juno actress – who's currently busy promoting Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past – her host was up for providing a little medicinal TLC.

Noticing the marks David whipped out some antiseptic cream which he then offered to apply. And as David rubbed in the ointment, Jennifer, who's married to Ben Affleck, revealed how she came by her injuries, explaining that she fell over while running with her elder daughter.

Recalling the incident in Boston last weekend, Jennifer said the hardest thing was trying not to cry in front of her little girl. Not that Violet – who is a big sister to Ben and Jennifer's 16-week-old daughter Seraphina – seems to have minded too much.

"Violet said, 'Mama, did you cry?', and I said, "I did cry a little bit, it really hurt". And she said, "I want to see you cry again'!"

Photo: Getty Images
Jennifer's 'play-time' injuries were on display as she arrived at the studios for an appearance on the David Letterman show on Wednesday
Photo: Youtube
Luckily for the actress, her host was up for offering a little TLC and ointment