12 MAY 2009

Titanic trio Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Canadian director James Cameron have clubbed together to help support the last survivor of the 1912 ship disaster.

The screen talents have reportedly contributed £22,000 towards the nursing home fees for 97-year-old Millvina Dean.

Millvina's father Bertram Dean perished after saving Millvina, then two months old, and his wife and son. Following the tragedy her mother returned from New York to Britain.

Earlier this year the pensioner was reduced to auctioning personal belongings and memorabilia associated with the tragedy to cover care costs of £3,000 per month at the Southampton home where she lives.

Millvina's friend Irish author Don Mullan said he was thrilled with the three stars' generous gesture.

"I laid down the challenge to the Titanic actors and directors to support the Millvina Fund and I was delighted with the generosity they have shown in meeting that challenge."

Photo: Rex
The actors and director behind Titanic have helped ease the financial worries of 97-year-old Millvina Dean, who was two months old when she was rescued from the stricken liner
Photo: Getty Images
Kate Winslet, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio are understood to have donated £22,000 between them to help the pensioner cover her nursing home fees