Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno declares his love for Prince Harry at London premiere

Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno declares his love for Prince Harry at London premiere

Posing and pouting all the way, the British funnyman rocked up to the unveiling in Leicester Square in an outfit best described as a unique take on the uniform worn by the Queen's guards outside Buckingham Palace. "I hope Prince Harry is coming to the premiere," he told reporters
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Sacha Baron Cohen thrives on causing a stir wherever he goes, and his gay Austrian alter ego Bruno was in full swing at the London premiere of his mocumentary film this week. After parading through Leicester Square in a bearskin hat, midriff-baring military jacket and leather hotpants, with an army of identically-dressed muscle bound hunks, Bruno declared his love for Prince Harry.

"I hope (he) is coming to the premiere," said the comic, who went on to offer fashion advice to Gordon Brown. "The guy needs a total makeover," Bruno said. "He needs a fake tan, he needs to wear some tight slacks… Gordon, click those heels and say hello."

The cheeky character also took a swipe at sisters Pixie Geldof – debuting a baby pink do – and Peaches, who bumped into each other at the premiere, not realising they were both attending. "It’s great to see so many D-listers," he joked.

Cattiness is all par for the course for the outrageous Austrian fashion reporter, whose attempts to become a Hollywood celebrity are charted in the Bruno film.

Guests on the special Bruno-branded blue carpet included Jo Wood - in a floor-length off-the-shoulder dress - and Sacha's glam fiancée Isla Fisher, a vision in a silver-hued strapless minidress.