What crisis? We dispel the rumours surrounding Brad and Angelina's relationship


"I'm not sure what to make of the rumours and speculation about our lives," Angelina Jolie once told HELLO! on the subject of Brad Pitt. "On one level, I think I've accepted that is what it is. But on the other hand, I can't help but think… Why? What is it that causes people to want to create hurtful stories about perfect strangers who just happen to be famous? I can't wrap my mind around it. And it never seems to get better."

Indeed when it comes to gossip, things just don't seem to let up for Hollywood's golden couple. So just what is the truth about some of the baseless reports which have been floating around for the past twelve months?

Rumour: Brad's mum Jane doesn't get along with Angelina, and urges Brad to leave her.
Truth: Sources says that both Jane and Brad's father, Bill, who recently spent time with their grandchildren on New York's Long Island while Angelina was filming spy thriller Salt, are close to the actress.

Brad's parents often attend red carpet functions with their son and his partner – as was the case when the foursome went along to the California premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. It was clear by the body language of the two women, who giggled and stood arm in arm on the red carpet, that relations between them are very warm indeed.

Rumour: Angie catches Brad with their nanny and supposedly flies into a rage about it.
Truth: An insider tells HELLO! that of all the false reports that surround the couple, this one, which appeared in March 2009, was "probably the dumbest story of all".

"Like Brad would do such a thing. He might not want me to say so, but that really p****d him off. It made him sound so empty-headed and foolhardy, and that is so not who he is," says the confidante. "But this is what happens when they're not always out there in the public eye. People make up stories about them just to keep them in the news."

Rumour: Brad and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are back in touch, much to Angie's dismay
Truth: "If you actually knew them you'd know how dumb that is," says our source. "Brad hasn't talked to Jennifer in years. I mean, truly they have no communication whatsoever, and not because they are angry but because they have just moved on the way divorced people move on.

Rumour: The couple are on the verge of splitting, Angelina offers Brad $90 million for custody of the kids.
Truth: Anyone who knows the couple knows they are not motivated by money, which just makes this story even more preposterous. It's yet another example of the ludicrous claims which are part of the hype which surrounds them.

"We just don't really participate," Brad says of the huge media interest in him and Angie and the false reports which come out of it. "It kind of goes on without us. It's self-generating.  When I was younger I would take it personally...I don't know how they could sit there and do it. I mean, (the stories) are consciously fabricated and I don’t know how you could do that."

Rumour: Their loved-up appearance at the Cannes Film Festival was all a big fake for the cameras.
Truth: Never had the couple looked more loving than on the festival's red carpet at the unveiling of Brad's Tarantino flick Inglourious Basterds.

They drew each other in for kisses and embraces, and at times seemed oblivious to all that was going on around them. Later they were equally inseparable as they mixed with other stars at the premiere's after party. Could something so genuine really be faked? And why would they bother?

A relative of Brad's explained: "There are people who actually think Brad and Angie sit down over breakfast and say, 'Okay, here's the plan: let's be seen holding hands and kissing in Cannes. Then, people will think we’re happy when, secretly, we're actually fighting. Let me be clear: if they were not happy they would not be together,"

Rumour: Angelina is upset when she returns home from a hard day's filming Salt to find Brad relaxing with a beer and DVDs while the children run amok.
Truth: Far from shirking his parental responsibilities, Brad loves nothing better than being a hands-on-dad. That's the whole point of their policy that only one of them should be working at a time, so the other can take good care of the kids.

A family friend revealed that Brad was "thriving" on being a stay-at-home dad while Angie went to work during their time in Long Island in May.

A typical day, said the pal would be: "getting up in the morning at the crack of dawn, making a big breakfast – which he’s sort of famous for in the family… kissing Angie goodbye as she goes off to work and then being the house husband.

"Taking care of the kids, getting the older ones off to school, busying the younger ones with activities all day, watching cartoons with them... Picking up the kids from school, getting them dinner, doing their homework with them, and then welcoming Angie home."

Rumour: The couple haven't been snapped together for several months and are apparently living separate lives.
Truth: Brad and Angelina do enjoy time out of the limelight, but that doesn't mean they're on the verge of splitting up or are living separate lives. Away from the glare of the media, the couple can simply enjoy the pleasures of family life, like any other couple.

"Oh, we get peace in our lives," said Brad in a recent interview. "We're pretty good at it. You carve out that time for the family. Do we get a little silence with the kids? No, not that kind of silence - silence is over at home, but we like that chaos…"

Rumour: Angelina loses it with Brad after he tells her he doesn't want her to come to the Berlin premiere of Inglourious Basterds.
Truth: Brad did turn up solo to the August bash, but it was likely because Angelina and Maddox flew  back into LA the night before Brad was due to leave for Berlin.

In their relationship, they generally travel together whenever possible, often as a full family if it involves filming for weeks on end. "It's a rule of ours we keep the platoon together," Brad explained recently.

However, sometimes it doesn’t work out for one to join the other for a quick promotional red carpet bash. In that event, Brad has said that he hates being apart from Angie and the kids. "Three days is about my limit," he reveals.  And true to his word, he flew to Germany to launch the film and was back at Angelina's side within three days.

Rumour: They apparently argue about where to live and how raise their kids
Truth: Although Brad would live his life in a very public, very family-oriented way while Angelina prefers a more secluded and private world for her family, they compromise.

So long spells at their sequestered estate in France – Château Miraval, near Aix-en- Provence – are interspersed with very normal public outings. The family's recent trip to a McDonald's drive-thru is a prime example.

Far from arguing about where they should live, both share the view that taking their family around the world has a great influence on their six children. "Everywhere is interesting in its own way, each place has its own feel and something to offer: you pick up something, the kids are picking up something," says Brad "They have this world view which we are very proud and happy that we are able to provide."

Rumour: Brad is upset because Angelina apparently favours their adopted children over their biological ones.
Truth: Angelina loves all her kids equally, and Brad knows this. She's spoken in the past about how the couple both think it's important that each of the children have individual time with their parents.

So one week she might be seen taking Shiloh and Zahara to dancing lessons, and another week taking Maddox on a solo trip to the park. It's ridiculous to suggest the actress would favour one child over the other.

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