What feud? The 'SATC' ladies bond between takes on set of new film


Take away the designer frocks and the towering stilettos, and the Sex And The City girls still get along famously - even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Fan fever was at an all-time high this week when all four ladies were finally reunited on a New York set.

And there was no denying the warmth between the leading actresses – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis – as they hung out together in between takes.

Their affectionate demeanour off-screen was echoed when the quartet filmed a reunion scene outside a luxe Manhattan department store, for which they transformed from their casual wear into glamorous frocks and killer heels.

There was certainly no sign of the reported cool relations between Kim, who plays feisty man-eater Samantha Jones, and Sarah – the series' Carrie Bradshaw.

The pair were believed to have fallen out during pay negotiations for the last film.

Following the box office success of the first big screen production of the hit TV series last summer, SATC 2 is expected to be a huge hit when it's released in May next year.

While the plot remains shrouded in secrecy, it's being reported that Carrie's marriage to Mr Big – actor Chris Noth - will run into trouble when he suffers from financial problems because of the economic crisis.

It is also being suggested they might have a baby together after a number of British stars - including Victoria Beckham and Katie Price - reportedly auditioned for the part of an English nanny.

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