Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson hold a garage sale at their home

hellomagazine.com Garage sales don't get much more glamorous than this.

When Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher and her 11- year-old daughter Emerson decided to off-load their junk they didn't simply take it to a local tip or donate it to charity.

Instead the enterprising mother and daughter invited the public to their Los Angeles home for a sell-off, charging $50 for entry.

Would-be buyers were given cupcakes and coffee as they browsed among items including designer bags, unworn clothes and a pair of stylish boots signed by Teri's co-star Eva Longoria.

There were also old toys belonging to Emerson on offer.

I was up all night," the actress told People, who raised $20,000 for a selection of local children's and family charities with her effort.

"Once it was all set up I realized there were thousands of dollars worth of stuff out here and I couldn't sleep. I'd come and patrol."

Teri – who says it was so much fun she can't wait for the next one – has been in a charitable mood of late.

A few weeks ago she ran, cycled and swam in a gruelling triathlon, raising nearly $18,000 for her local children's hospital in the process.

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